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Mini AOW Server Rules

Post by fl00d3d » June 5th, 2010, 3:41 pm


Rules listed here apply on all maps!
  • Cheating is NOT tolerated at any time. First time = perm ban!
  • Respect moderators at all times!
  • No instigating or perpetuating arguments
  • No vehicle stealing (aka "gta")
  • No vehicle wall-hopping
  • No ob walking/glitching
  • No Base to Base
  • No team hampering or neutral-killing
  • No beacon spamming
  • No vote abuse
  • No flaming vehicles/infantry
  • No climbing/boosting buildings
  • No driving vehicles into buildings or tunnels period
  • no one-man wall-hopping
Things listed here ARE allowed on all maps!
  • Buddy jumping/infantry wall jumping
  • Ob suicides/dodging
  • Harv walking
  • Apc whoring
Here are some other important/misc rules and policies of this server
  • This server does not tolerate extremely n00b players. If you do something extremely stupid and the server is close to full, mods have the right to kick you.
  • The !eteam command CAN be used for 2 player differences, however....
  • Moderators should try to use the !team command instead of !eteam so that players don't get screwed
  • Moderators should be more tolerant of the !noob command as long as it wasn't blatant abuse.
  • If a player is really terrible, but not trying to team hamper, try to help them get better rather than kick or warn them
  • All players are REQUIRED to take every cheat accusation seriously and comply with cheat tests in a respectful and serious manner immediately. Failure to do so may result in a ban. (example: "lol, you think I cheat" or "yeah, you're right I cheat" are not allowed!)
  • Players may not intentionally use the name of another known player nor play under a large variety of names. This rule is to protect players from name-hacking and ban evasion.
  • No stealth skins of any kind are allowed. This means NO modifications to the default stealth texture/skin are permitted even if they don't give you much of an advantage (ie. not even spiderman sbh skins are allowed).
  • Bright character skins are no longer allowed. You ARE allowed to have custom skins as long as they resemble some sort of pattern or design. Skins that are a solid bright color or mostly a bright color with the head being a different color are NOT allowed. If you are unsure what skins are or are not allowed, make a post with a picture and we will let you know.
Map specific rules can be found by typing !rules while on that map.

Have a question about the rules or think something should be changed?
Post in this thread.

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